Your Online Corporate Identity: Things to Think About

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What constitutes your corporate identity? Your logo? Your company name and domain? Perhaps your social media profiles and any press releases or news articles? Once you have your corporate identity online, there are things to think about in maintaining this identity and keeping it consistent with your business and branding strategy.

First, take the time to secure this identity, whether it’s securing the domain name or making sure spammers and hackers aren’t leaving comments, or trying to get in. One of the most destructive things to an online corporate identity would be a security breach, which would either get your site blacklisted, jeopardize your relationship with your customers, or both. Take the time to implement website security in order to protect your corporate identity.

Second, think about how to keep your online corporate identity fresh and dynamic. This doesn’t mean changing it all the time, but providing content and customer service that’s engaging and worth talking about (in a good way). Your customers and potential customers also constitute your brand and online corporate identity, so don’t forget to include them in how they’re shaped and portrayed. This includes responding to negative comments, and doing well to improve upon negative reviews.

Third, consider whose managing or operating the online corporate identity, and what sorts of things are being posted. This is especially important for social media, where social media mistakes could end up costing all the hard work you put into your online corporate identity. Take the time to think about what you’re saying or sharing, so it doesn’t get taken the wrong way.

Fourth, don’t forget to bring everything back to the core business and branding strategy. Sure it may seem like a no-brainer to extend your online corporate identity to Pinterest, but how are you going to do that if you’re an office building? Or if you’re a waste removal company? Neither of those would really work for a social network that revolves around posting pictures. It may be tempting to extend or to change your online corporate identity to be hip or to be part of the next best thing, but don’t do it unless the move can be aligned with your core business and branding strategy.


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It’s one thing to have that online corporate identity and to know what it entails. But, it’s a completely separate thing to keep that identity consistent across all platforms and to have it reflect the company honestly. Maintaining an online corporate identity that’s consistent with your core business and branding strategy can be difficult at times, but must be done to ensure that your identity appears legitimate and trustworthy to potential customers.