Visualization Software for Floor, Paint, and More

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The Virtual Room Designer is a Visualization Software that lets you simulate your actual room, putting in that new floor, wall or door color, before actually doing it in your home. Everyone has tried choosing a floor or paint based on swatches, so what visualization software does is turn those swatches into the real thing inside a virtual room similar to yours. No more saying, “this didn’t turn out too well, it’s always hard to tell what it would actually look like…” and with a tool that shows you what your swatch would actually look like, choosing a product is much quicker, great for you and great for the company making the product, an actual step up in home improvement productivity. That’s a lot to say, here’s the tool in action, can you tell me which room is the original and which is one of the currently top-rated designs in the Monthly Room Design Contest that runs on the software?