Using Google Plus: Top Tips

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With the new and rising trend, it’s out with Facebook, and in with Google Plus. The largest search company is bringing around a new type of social network with 20 million users already registered. And many of them have closed down their Facebook accounts!

If you are a Google Plusser or plan to become one, here are some tips to make your ride smoother.

Have a Google account?

You need a Gmail account to join the gravy train. Join in and fill out your basic details like your photograph, education and employment data, and a few lines to describe yourself.

Since most users would see just your thumbnail, it would be best to use some engaging words to let them know you better.

Plus you can add your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts along with links to your blog, portfolio and website. With the kind of sharing tools available on Google Plus, this platform would be even more beneficial for photographers and bloggers.

Go around in Circles

Just like you have followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook, there are circles on Google Plus. You can make a circle for a group of people. The best part with circles is that it has target sharing, so you don’t have to share all your stuff with everyone in your list.

Swim Upstream

Stream is called the heart of Google Plus. If you wish to share something with someone, simply type it in the share box, and you can choose whom to share it with. Note that Facebook copied this feature and made some changes recently.

But there are other differences as well. As you can see, whenever you Google something, you see a +1 button next to the search. With that button, you can share with your friends whatever you like on the web.

Pick the best Pics

There are many browser based image editing features that make Google Plus even easier to use. You can set auto contrast, black & white, and cross processing effects.  And if you add multiple avatar pictures, your album will be automatically flipped so that all the profile pics can be viewed at once. Pretty neat!

Let Sparks fly

Sparks is a tool that suggests the most interesting and relevant posts that might interest you. If you use Facebook, you may have noticed that they have recently copied this feature. But there is only so much you can copy. You can’t beat the original by copying it.

Huddle on mobile Google Plus

If you are an Android freak, Google has a simple and easy mobile interface for you that would let you access the Circles, Stream, Sparks, and other features. It has a unique feature- Huddle. You can now send group text messages to people on your Google Plus circles.

These were just some basic tips that you would need to know in order to become a more experienced Plusser. As you take a deeper dive into the system, you’ll find many more sparkling pearls!