Use AdSense in the Coming Year for Profits

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We all know that Google AdSense is a tool to generate revenue from ads. It works in two ways:

  • Cost per click: when a visitor clicks on your ads, you get some percentage of the money
  • Cost per thousand impressions: when one thousand visitors view the ad, you get money

It is easy to set up an AdSense account. Here are some tips that you can follow to start 2012 with better money-making opportunities.

Pick the right platform

Once you select the right web hosting plan, you have to decide the platform where your site should be built. Though most people still prefer HTML, you can do blogging if you don’t know coding. Some good blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. With these platforms, you can develop blogs and sites really easily. For example, with WordPress, all you need to do is to pick a theme and start placing posts. WordPress also has many plugins that can increase your search engine rankings.

Choose the right subject

Your blog or website might discuss topics that you like. But if you are serious about making money through AdSense, you need to select additional topics. Make sure you conduct extensive research before you post things on your blog. Google provides tools to help you know what people are looking for. Check that out and write on it.

Do not over-saturate a niche

There are some niches that are already saturated. There is fierce competition for those niches and it’s almost impossible for a small website to race ahead of established ones. It is best to opt for niches that are not heavily competed. But anyway, if you do want to go for saturated niches, make sure you have good SEO knowledge. If not, hire someone for SEO purposes.

Careful with content

Google AdSense has strict policies regarding the quality of your content. Avoid cheap or duplicate content. Once again, if you cannot write good content, hire a good writer.

Placing ads

There are many block sizes and styles offered by Google. If you don’t have any idea about ad placement, you can take the suggestion offered by Google. Once you get a hold of how AdSense works, you can change the block size and style. Keep experimenting because visitor response changes from one ad to another.


Many people setup a blog or a site and assume that people will automatically start pouring in. But this is not how it works. You need to implement SEO techniques to direct people to your website. Optimize your website and add quality back links- follow some organic SEO techniques.

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