Tracking Traffic From Specific Advertising Campaigns In Google Analytics

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Before beginning any sort of marketing campaign for your website you will want to take the time to make sure you have a system in place to know if your hard work is useful or not.  At first this may seem like a difficult task but with Google Analytics it can be quite a bit easier than what most people think at first glance.

If you are not already familiar with Google Analytics this is where you will want to start. This is a free feature for anyone who has a Google account and it is virtually priceless. With this free tool you can generate up to 85 different reports about what your site is doing. You will be able to track pages that get the most traffic, overall number of visitors and the sources of these visitors. If this wasn’t good enough you will also be able to get statistics on content receiving the largest amount of traffic, duration of time people stay on pages, detailed mapping of visitors and keep track of goals you have set.

One of the most useful items you can track with Google Analytics is marketing campaigns that have been synced like Adwords or Adsense as well as which campaigns have sent the most visitors your way. This is vital to any business. Even if you are doing it yourself and not spending much cash, time is money and you want to make sure that you allocate your time wisely. When you see which campaigns are bringing in the most people to the site you will be able to develop more advertising plans around this information.

You have been working hard using specific tools in hopes of creating large amounts of traffic flow but with the use of Google Analytics you discover the campaign isn’t providing you great results. Then you will need to readjust your plan. Likewise, if you see a specific page that caters to a content subject receive a large amount of hits you will want to give more time to this page and keep the articles coming.

Business is difficult and getting even more so with this global economy that houses large pockets of recession. If you want to stay competitive you are going to need to keep on top of the competition and learn new tactics. Don’t just create a website, take an active control of the marketing or hire professionals who will.