Pinterest Part 2 – Creating a Brand Tableau

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As we discussed in our last article, which provided an overview of Pinterest, the site’s users find value in collecting images that elicit an emotional response. For brands, this is a very powerful motivator. Many brands are built on this same emotional response – it’s impossible to look at a pair of Nike shoes without thinking of athletic victory, just like it’s impossible to look at a Coach bag without getting a sense of being on the edge of couture fashion. Brands interested in cultivating a certain image can use Pinterest to build a tableau of images that represent the brand to further develop the idea of the brand’s personality for their users.

To start, we recommend taking a look at some other brands and how they’ve built their own brand image through Pinterest. Some of our favorites are:

The Travel Channel:

A clearly natural fit for Pinterest, the Travel Channel posts pictures of animals around the world, beaches, pictures of city skylines, and other images that fit their tableau of creating highly-sharable images of places and things that people aspire to visit or see.

Whole Foods:

The Whole Foods brand is known for bringing together both the green and organic trends, with boards featuring Fair Trade products, cage-free eggs, grass fed cattle, and recycling efforts, and higher-end indulgences, like organic ice cream and dark chocolate.

Martha Stewart:

Another Pinterest natural, Martha Stewart’s brand pins recipes, craft ideas, gift ideas, and features seasonal holiday boards.

The key to creating your own brand tableau on Pinterest is to develop two or three characteristics of your brand that individuals identify with and create boards for these topics. Then, pin and repin a combination of items that suit this brand identity. To be successful, you can’t survive only pinning your own content. You need to be active socially, liking and repinning other content, so that people who share your interests will see you repinning their items and follow your boards.

With a well-conceived brand identity, finding and keeping a collection of pins should be easy – just follow people with boards that represent your own brand identity and repin often from their boards. Mix this with content from your site, like post images from your blogs and your own products, and you’ll be on your way to generating referral traffic from Pinterest.