How can Software Asset Management Save Your Company Money?

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As technology advances it is becoming more and more integrated into everyday business use and, as such, an expense many companies have to tolerate whereas once this was not the case. Software Asset Management is one area that many businesses are not yet aware of that can help save money on the technological front. It goes
without saying that whether you’re a small business owner or part of a larger company, you can definitely benefit from saving money. After all, the more money you save from frivolous tasks, the more you can invest back into the business and help it grow and expand. The more you can invest back into your business, the more profits you can reap in the future.

For many businesses or individuals, however, it is tempting to consider cutting corners on the technology front – occasionally by accident and in some instances on purpose. This can most often relate to the use of software; each piece often costs an incendiary fee and can, legally, only be used on one computer per licence agreement. Because of this many companies do not know they are breaking the law. Similarly companies may find themselves paying for large items of software they do not use and which could be cut from a company’s expenditure. This is where Software Asset Management comes in.

Software Asset Management (SAM) aims to optimize and manage the purchasing, use, upkeep, storage and disposal of an organization’s software applications. SAM is the process by which every aspect of software assets are protected, managed and controlled. The process usually takes the procedure of a professional IT expert being hired to perform an audit on the company’s equipment; once this has been done they are able to make suggestions and recommendations of practices which can cut future expenditure and to make sure all warranties and licence agreements are in place. In short it is the job of the expert to figure out how to make the company’s software more efficient for the least amount of money possible.

One of the main goals of Software Asset Management is to keep the company out of legal trouble. If a software company does an audit on the networks and computers a company owns, and they find pirated software, which is illegal copying of computer software, the company will be in for some severe sanctions. That is why one of the biggest parameters of SAM is to figure out which aspects of software the company has purchased legally and what is installed on the computers in the network. SAM workers are also often given the tasks of figuring out how the software can be kept updated with the latest technology for the benefit of the company. By adhering to the strict policies of the particular company, the information technology experts can help set the company up for future success by getting the right software at the right time.

There are other benefits from SAM too. All of the software that makes up a company’s network and computers are what the SAM attempts to concern itself with. People who participate in Software Asset Management are attempting to figure out how to keep the computers running in a productive manner in the most efficient way possible. They usually seek to eliminate bulky, unnecessary software programs that cost money and slow computers down. In order to have the best computers in working condition, SAM is a very helpful tool to utilize.

Ultimately Software Asset Management has the benefits of avoiding any fines that may come from using illegal software or from breaking licence agreements, can help improve system performance and cut costs by eliminating unused software. Although purchasing an audit may cost an initial sum it will, in the long run, help save a company or individual who uses one a lot of money.

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