High-End Clientele: Targeting iPad Owners

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The iPad demographic is a very unique, very profitable group of individuals. They are high-earning, young, feature-focused early adopters.

The median income of iPad owners is around $85,000, with 49.4% of iPad owners earning more than $100,000 a year, compared to an average median household income of about $39,755, and professionals like bankers, lawyers, and doctors are significantly overrepresented. iPad ownership is skewed toward useful customers, with 27% of owners aged between 25 and 34. This represents an intersection of two valuable demographics: affluent professionals and young customers with disposable income.

Targeting iPad owners often requires reaching out to them while they are using their device. Typically, the iPad is a home entertainment device. 68% of iPad owners use their tablet for more than an hour a day. 53% of all usage occurs at home, and 20% occurs in bed. Many retailers are reporting that over half of their mobile traffic is coming from iPads.

Many business owners remember the emergence of the Internet and how it forced small businesses to rush out websites and eCommerce stores after the Internet had already reached a critical mass of users. More sales could have been achieved had the retailer already had an established website to sell to early adopters who wanted to conduct their business online. Many seem to be making a similar mistake now. Failing to see that the iPad is an emerging way to access the Web will simply mean playing catch-up in a year or two. You can start by developing an iPad-accessible mobile website, but maximally targeting iPad users is as simple as developing an App.

Apple’s “There’s an App for that” slogan has been wildly successful. Over 90% of iPad owners have downloaded at least one App. You can take advantage of iPad owners’ proclivities to search the App Store for solutions to their problems by developing your own iPad App. Apps have major benefits to iPad users: they are faster, they allow you to post larger, more high-resolution photos and videos, and the environment is optimized for stability and speed. The interface is cleaner too. It’s difficult to type long URLs on the iPad, but clicking around in an App can create a seamless purchasing decision. Retailers can put their entire product catalog online through their iPad App and create a seamless shopping experience for customers. Non-retailers can also create Apps ancillary to their business: for instance, order tracking.

It might take a little creativity to think of the perfect way to address the needs of iPad users, but the benefits of addressing this demographic are extraordinary.