Facebook for Business: Is it Worth It?

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A recent survey from Pagemodo.com found that of those small businesses that don’t have a Facebook page, 18 percent said it’s because they don’t see how a Facebook page will benefit their business. Another 32 percent said it’s because they don’t have the time to start and to manage one. To combat this lack of time and lack of understanding, Facebook recently launched Facebook for Business tutorial pages to help businesses get started and to be successful on Facebook.

The tutorial covers everything from getting a page started to utilizing Facebook ads, from driving word of mouth marketing to socializing the whole experience. If all that doesn’t seem like enough information, then there are several white papers that can be found throughout the site. These white papers cover everything from how to use Facebook Insights to ad optimization, from the success stories of other companies to creating a conversation calendar. Best of all, all this information is free!

What makes Facebook’s tutorial great is that there is information for every step of the way, whether your business is just starting out in building is Facebook presence or if your business is considering adding special apps to the page or branching out into Facebook ads. The conversation calendar white paper is especially helpful, as its essentially one large case study that looked at the types of conversations a market had on Facebook, and how several different types of businesses organized a calendar. A calendar ensures that every day has something substantial going out on Facebook. Consider it similar to the publishing and editorial calendars magazines and blogs have.

The Best Practices Guide is another great white paper, summarizing everything Facebook had to offer into 14 pages. The guide also comes with a list of additional resources as well as tips and tricks to achieve certain goals, such as increased leads, increased brand awareness, or product development and innovation. This guide is an excellent takeaway, serving as a go-to place for info after you’ve perused the entire Facebook for Business site.

At this point, a business is losing out if it doesn’t have a Facebook presence. Facebook for Business is definitely worth the time if the business has any interest in turning a Facebook presence into Facebook engagement. Having a page counts as a presence, but a lot more than that needs to happen so that there’s engagement, that the presence and effort to be on Facebook becomes worthwhile. A small business only needs five to 10 minutes a day to manage a page, and the testimonies of all those other businesses reveal the benefit of being able to interact directly with your customers. Facebook is making it easy for businesses to use the social network for their success. There are no more excuses for not being on Facebook.