Building Your Business’s Facebook Timeline

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While it’s not yet released, Facebook Timeline will soon be available for Facebook Pages, and if your business needs to stay on the cutting edge of social media, you should be ready to upgrade to Timeline the day it’s released. To do this, you’ll have to do some preparation work beforehand, but this article will walk you through what we expect to see on the Business Timeline and how you can update your profile right now so that you’re ready for one-click integration with Timeline.

The Cover Photo

The primary thing that a social media marketing strategy needs to be concerned with is their social media conversion rates. Depending on your goal, your conversion strategy will be different: are you trying to earn Likes on Facebook, simply get some new leads, or are you trying to sell your products directly from your Page?

Whatever your goal, your cover photo is where you need to put some information about it, including a call to action, if you want to maximize your efforts. Why? The cover photo is “above the fold” – a marketing term that describes how large a user’s browser window is and what they see when they first load your Page, before scrolling. Since the cover photo is a pretty large section of screen real estate, it has the potential to be your strongest asset on your profile.

Maximize this. Build some attention-getting text, a description of your products or company, and some call-to-action text right into the cover photo. Tell your customers who you are and what response you want even before they start scrolling down.


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Create a History

The second main benefit of Timeline is the ability to easily go back and view a business’s past interactions with customers. Clean up anything that might lower the quality of your page, like your less-than-optimal marketing efforts. The further you go back, the less you need to show from that date, so if you’ve been active on Facebook for four years, show your four or five biggest posts from 2008 and a dozen or so from 2009 and 2010. Make sure that when customers click back to read your old Timeline posts, they’re not wasting their time with content or marketing efforts that didn’t perform well.

On the flip side, start right now developing more quality social media content. The Timeline makes it easier to see content going back several months, so your future customers will be reading today’s content six months or a year from now. Keep the goal of building a rich, vibrant history in mind as you create your content going forward.

Further research would suggest the following update would be prudent to add:

Update: There are certain rules surrounding what can and cannot be mentioned in a cover photo. The cover photo is intended to engage users in your brand. Cover photos that are overly promotional, like a cover photo promoting a contest, may be reported and removed.