6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Blog

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Blogs are one of the most powerful ways to harness the power of internet marketing. They can help with everything from search engine optimization to showcasing your expertise to clients. If your company already has one, that’s a great first step, but there are probably more ways that you can benefit from the content you are already outputting regularly (hopefully at least two or three times a week).

Offer an e-newsletter. How would you like your clients to be reminded of your company once a month without much extra work on your part? Invite them to subscribe to an e-newsletter, and then send out one of your best newsletter articles for the month to the e-list. If you create a template to use, it doesn’t take much time to copy/paste the article and send away!

Optimize for search engines. Here’s the good news: your blog is already helping your search engine rank because it’s helping to keep your site new and also providing more and more content for the engines to index. But if that’s all your blog is doing, you’re not making full use of it! When writing blog entries, think about what keywords people will be searching for when looking for your site, and see if you can include them, preferably in bold or linked. Consider including them in your title, and make sure that you list them as keywords or tags as well.

Social network. Many companies decide to forgo creating Facebook pages or Twitter feeds because it seems like too much work. Where will you find valuable information to share with followers on a regular basis? That’s where your blog comes in. You can connect it to your social networks, so they are automatically updated. Also, you can use your blog as a way to promote your social networks, so they are both helping to support one another’s growth.

Include a link in your email signature. When you are emailing potential clients, they are likely visiting your site to see if you can provide the expertise they need. Showcase that you know your stuff by driving them to your blog, where they can see firsthand how much you know about your industry.

Study your demographics. With Google Analytics, you can get a better sense of whether or not you are reaching your target audience – or if you are reaching an audience that you didn’t expect. This can save you valuable marketing cash since you can focus your efforts where they are most effective.

Get feedback from your customers. Remember, a blog shouldn’t be a one-way street. It’s different from a print publication because your readers have an opportunity to write back to you. Pay attention to what they are saying, or even better, ask them what they want to know. The advice they give you can help to foster future business growth.

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