6 Digital Valentines You Didn’t Know You Could Create Online

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1. Starbucks Cup Magic App for Valentine’s Day

Send and receive virtual Valentine messages with the Starbucks Cup Magic App. Just scan one of their limited edition Valentine’s Day themed cups to watch your cup come to life.  You can also use the app to buy and send a Starbucks Card eGift!

Download for iPhoneDownload for Android

2. SendOutCards

SendOutCards allows users to create interactive cards using QR code technology. How it works is, when a QR Code is generated and inserted into the card, it pulls up a video, text or other media messages that your Valentine can view on their smartphone.

3. Make a Video

Not sure where to start?  Many websites now offer simple and easy tools for you to create and customize videos online, for free.

Go!Animate is a simple and easy to use website, that allows users to animate all of their creative ideas, without having to download or draw anything.

4. Online Video Chat

Want to say Happy Valentine’s Day in person, but can’t make it?  You have a few low cost options available to you.

5. Generate a virtual image of your future baby!

MorphThing lets you combine any two photos and morph them into one.  Try combining a combination of your own with a celebrity!

6. Send a Valentine Whisper

A ’whisper’ is a word or words that someone can use to access to a secret message (text, pictures, or video) stored in Whispero, or to create replies and images of your own.  The Whispero web app lets you stay in touch anonymously, without exchanging any personal information. Create your own ‘whispers’ and pass them to only those you want to see your secret message.