3 Places to Capture Emails for Email Marketing

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Companies are strongly encouraged to diversify their marketing efforts to include a range of traffic-driving channels, including SEO, RSS, Social Media, PPC, and Email Marketing, as companies that fail to properly diversify into all these channels are attempting an “all your eggs in one basket” strategy that can be risky with all the changes to Google Search algorithms, the social media landscape, and the inevitable march of technology into obsolescence.

One of the most risk-free ways to drive traffic is email marketing. Though other technologies are advancing at a fast pace, having an email marketing list is a slower, more gradual, but more permanent progression toward better traffic.

To start filling your email marketing lists with subscribers, you need an opportunity to capture their emails through techniques industry experts refer to as “lead generation.” We’re going to recommend one technique that everyone uses to capture emails, because it’s easy to set up and works well, and two more techniques you may never have thought of.

#1 – In Your Website Sidebar
The tried and true place for your email capture funnel, placing a “Sign Up Here For X” promises visitors value for signing up to your email list. Now, the value you have to offer depends on how likely your customers are to enter their email. You have to offer enough so that customers simply can’t say no to giving away their privacy. How much you need to offer depends on your brand loyalty and community engagement. Companies who are trusted, especially those who put out great content, like Advertising Age or Wired, don’t need to offer much value other than an email sign up form. Many customers seek the email sign up form out in order to get new content updates via email. A new company, or one that received lots of first-time traffic, should develop a more compelling reason for users to give away their email. A free ebook is popular, but cliche, and unless the ebook can be presented as a must have, finding another value-add will be more successful for you.

#2 – On Micro-Niche Domains
Setting up a micro-niche dedicated to driving traffic to a lead generation email capture box is a great way to get targeted leads. We use sites like www.PinterestCenter.com to collect leads interested in our Pinterest marketing services. Because these are separate from our main site, we don’t negatively impact our primary brand with posting multiple email capture funnels, a sure sign that a site is built only for advertising purposes.

#3 – From Your Offline Customers!
You can collect emails from any customer you’ve done business with recently and include them in your mailings without violating SPAM laws. You can pass email list sign up sheets out at events, conferences, and trade shows. When done right, you can collect a few hundred emails a day.

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