20 Business Blog Ideas You Can Use Right Now

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Stuck on a topic for today’s blog post? Below are 20 business blog ideas that you can use right now to get unstuck and to publish something awesome and engaging on your company blog. With these 20 good ideas, you have enough blog post ideas to get you through the next 10 weeks, presuming you only blog twice a week.

  1. Attended a webinar, conference, or trade show recently? Share what you’ve learned.
  2. Did you just hold your own event? Do a recap.
  3. Will you be holding an event? Do a post about it and why people should come.
  4. Do a roundup of industry-related news articles that your readers may have missed.
  5. Write a follow up to one of your most popular blog posts.
  6. Respond to comments made on a previous blog post.
  7. Write a counterpoint to a post from another blog.
  8. Agree with a post from another blog.
  9. Look at what your competitors are blogging about, and write your own post on something they’ve done.
  10. Take a current event and show what your industry can learn from it. An example of this is our take on Google’s new algorithm changes.
  11. Take a seemingly unrelated current event and show what it means to your industry.
  12. Find a recent news article on your industry and add your own angle.
  13. Compare your industry to something from pop culture, like a TV show or a new dance craze.
  14. Bust a myth or two about your industry/product/service.
  15. Confirm a rumor or fact about your industry/product/service.
  16. Do a blog post on how your industry can use Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. Here’s an example for Pinterest!
  17. Create a “recipe of success” for your industry.
  18. Create a “5 Pillars” or a “10 Commandments” for your industry.
  19. Do a “Day in the Life” of one of your products or services. This could also be done with one of your employees, like what we did here with Intechnic’s CEO.
  20. Ask the sales team for a frequently asked question from customers, and post the answer to that question.

Got any good ideas of your own? We’d love to hear them! Post them in the comments below. If you can, tell us how well those posts performed.

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