5 Tips to Making Your Facebook Ads Work

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One Facebook ad with a $50 credit worked wonders for the Facebook page of Stirring Media LLC. In just three weeks, one ad took us from 13 fans to 157 fans. The number of fans may not be much, but consider that going from 13 to 157 is over a 1000% increase! When Facebook ads are done right, they can work wonders for you as well, and provide much more ROI then you might think. Here are five tips we followed that ensure your Facebook ads will work:

1. Link to Your Facebook Page or a Landing Page.

Don’t link to your home page or a products page! The point of a Facebook ad is to get the person to click and to do something. What is that person supposed to do on your home page or product page? Facebook pages and landing pages have an obvious course of action; you either hit “like” or you fill out the form for the free offer. By linking to a page that has a clear call to action and next step, you won’t lose out on wasted clicks, web traffic, and dollars. You can take this one step further by having someone fill out a form to a free offer before liking your page. That way, the person becomes a fan and a lead.

2. Make It Clear What People are Getting.

Here’s the text our ad used: Need content marketing and business blogging help? ‘Like’ us for daily articles and tips! What makes this ad copy great is that it’s incredibly clear what the person is getting when he/she likes our page. They will get daily articles and tips on content marketing and business blogging. If that happens to be what someone needs, or is a possible pain point, they’ll like the page and hopefully become a lead. It’s important to be clear and concise because an ad only allows 150 characters for the text. The ad shown here is also a good example of clear Facebook ad copy.

3. Use a Contrasting Picture.

Facebook’s colors are blue and white, so include a photo that standouts against those colors. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow work best, so those colors are meant to pop against the coolness of blue. We used our logo as the photo for our ad (shown below), which is maroon and gold. This doesn’t necessarily mean to avoid blue and white completely, as the ad shown above is doing pretty well despite having blue in the photo. Just make sure that your ad photo isn’t primarily blue or white.

4. Target Your Ad.

Facebook ads can be targeted at specific users, whether they are in a certain part of the country, a certain age, or have specific interests, or all three. When creating your Facebook ad, the first place to start is with location targeting. Below is what that window looks like, and with Facebook’s new portal, you can target right down to a few zip codes. You can also expand that and target a few select cities or states. However, you can try to reach a wider audience by targeting by interest. Targeting according to several interests, whether that’s article marketing, logistics, coworking, or startups, can help you to reach a wider audience while still reaching your target demographic. To the left is an example of the targeted audience you are left with once you select the appropriate age, location, demographic, interests etc.

5. Keep Your Facebook Page Fresh.

If your ad does work for you, and you’re leading them to your Facebook page, then make sure that you’re updating that page and posting fresh content and status updates. It is one thing to bring these people in, but it is another to keep them and to have them engage with your brand. After all, you want to turn these fans into customers, right? It’s recommended that you post new content or status updates at least twice a week. A great way to leverage your recent updates and content is to turn them into sponsored stories. Sponsored stories are a specific type of Facebook ad, where you can pay to highlight specific things on your timeline, such as people liking your page or a specific piece of content. Those things are then shown to the friends of those people, encouraging them to like your page or your content as well. This way, you can not only keep your page fresh with new content, but you can appear fresh to the network of those who already like your page.

Facebook ads can be a very cost –effective to market. If you do your ads right, then you can have a huge ROI for a $50 investment. Besides a lot more fans, Facebook ads can give a more engaged and a more qualified following, one that’s more likely to make a purchase from you. It doesn’t take much to set up, but will only provide good results if you follow these tips.


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