20 Great Websites for Making Your Day Disappear

Grant Epstein

20 Great Websites for Making Your Day Disappear

DISCLAIMER: The good people at Intechnic are not responsible for any loss of productivity, gainful employment, or relationship status that you might experience by reading the following information. Still with me? Good, let’s get started! The idea of blogging about websites that are great for “wasting time” is nothing new. You can scour the Internet for any number of lists of time-wasting websites, which is a great time-waster in itself. So we figured, “What the heck, we’ll do one too”. However, we decided our list would include something useful for you, in work and in life. We hope you enjoy our presentation of 20 websites that are great for making time disappear, some useful and some completely useless. The lists below are in no particular order, so please don’t make part of your day disappear by telling us a website should have been ranked higher. But, if you have one to add, by all means, let us know. And feel free to share this with friends, colleagues, clients, your barista, random people on the street, etc. Let’s start with the useful websites, and then get to the really fun stuff at the end. So below, are 10 useful websites – five for work and five for life – that can make your day disappear if you are not careful.

Five Useful, Work-Related Websites for Making Your Day Disappear

1. Marketingprofs

What the site does is bring together a whole team of experts on various marketing related topics, as well as offering training, events, a discussion forum, and a whole lot more.  Whether you work in marketing, or are just curious, Marketingprofs.com is a great website to gain insight.  Just be careful, visiting can be habit forming.

2. Business2Community

Another marketing related website (are you noticing a trend here?).  Among other things, this website aggregates articles and blog posts covering Social, Business, Tech, Lifestyle, and News topics.  If you are following B2C on Twitter (see below), you know how addicting this website can be.


If you are in the need of creative work and are looking to hire a freelance artist, this website is a phenomenal resource.  In the words of our Creative Project Manager, "it is like LinkedIn for designers."  You are able to search the work of artist by genre, location, and other options such as Most Appreciated, Most Viewed, and Most Discussed.  Or you can browse and check out some really killer work.

4. tripadvisor

If you travel frequently for business, pleasure or both, this website is a double-edge sword of convenience.  On the one hand, it is a great way to find information on hotels, restaurants, travel destinations, and more. While this might not exactly, be earth-shattering news out there for everyone, it is still an incredibly useful site.  Plus, from a mobile perspective (I just returned from a long road trip), it is a whole lot more useful than other sites and apps of a similar theme.  However, because it is so useful, you can lose a lot of time just exploring the various options at your destination.  Best advice, go with a plan and set a time limit.

5. Google

No, this is not a shameless attempt to suck up to Google so our SEO position is improved.  It’s an honest, genuine belief that Google is a great tool for work, but can really make your day disappear if you are not careful. Beyond what 99% of the population uses Google for, there are some really great tools that everyone should be taking advantage of – Google+Google Analytics, Google Maps, etc. I personally use the satellite view on Google Maps all the time to check out new areas that I am visiting to learn more about the area, parking, and other useful tidbits.

Five Useful, Life-Related Websites for Making Your Day Disappear

1. Lifehacker

No, this is not a website about how to hack into Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account (fun as that might be).  This is a wonderful resource full of ideas and information on solving everyday problems, career questions, and more.  Check it out.

2. Digg

To be brief, Digg.com is a wonderful news aggregator.  All the news you could possibly want, very little of the bias you get with other websites.  There is also a great Digg mobile app.

3. Donothingfor2minutes

Every once in a while, you should just stop what you are doing for a couple of minutes, refresh, recharge, and reset.  This website helps you do that.  It’s pretty simple – the sounds of the ocean, a picture of the ocean at sunset (I am assuming, it could be sunrise), and a timer counting down from two minutes.  If you touch your mouse or keyboard, the website tells you that you failed.  Pretty cool!

4. Brainyquote

If you follow @Intechnic or me, @grantepstein, on Twitter, you have probably seen our daily quotes.  This wonderful website is the source.  It is full of quotes sorted by topic and author (speaker).  It is full of inspiration, life lessons, and humor and is well worth a few minutes or so every day.

5. Petfinder

OK, this one is a little self-indulgent.  I have adopted three dogs through Petfinder.com.  This is a great website for finding a pet, or even just taking a break.  Every once in a while I will log on and look at the Jack Russell Terriers and think of ways I can talk my wife into another dog.  All of the pets on this website are up for adoption (some pending).  If you are looking for a pet, check this website out.  No pet loves like a rescue pet.  For them, it is the equivalent of winning the lottery.  And not at $5 scratcher either.  We’re talking generational money type lottery win.

Ten Useless Websites for Making Your Day Disappear

OK, you stuck with me.  You read my tips on useful websites that can make your day disappear.  The websites that follow have no socially redeeming value whatsoever, beyond the fact that they are a lot of fun and are great for relieving stress.

1. Damnyouautocorrect

There is no surprise here and, if this list was a ranking, this website would easily be No. 1.  If you have sent more than a few text messages, you have likely been bitten by the AutoCorrect bug.  Here is a great place to see a bunch of really funny ones.  Warning: Not everything is SFW and we are not responsible for people thinking you are nuts because of how loud you are laughing.

2. Addictinggames

This is a HUGE catalogue of games that take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to play.  It’s a great little stress release.

3. Fark

This is a news aggregator that focuses largely on funny, odd, or down-right strange new stories.  Just a note, not everything is SFW, but the NSFW photos that you used to be able to see on Fark.com have been moved to their own website (No, we will not be providing that website.  You'll just have to find it on your own.  Just not at work.  Or in front of children, pets, or Forest Rangers).

4. Funnysigns

If you need an explanation…

5. Awkwardfamilyphotos

This is one of those websites that is absolutely hilarious, largely innocent, and relatively harmless that, nevertheless, makes you question just how good of a person you actually are.  I mean seriously, it is a website dedicated to displaying what should be very embarrassing family photos that people are obviously proud of.  Photos are divided into categories.  Again, we are not responsible for any questioning of your sanity due to uncontrolled laughter.

6. Epicfail

This is a wonderful collection of photos and videos of “FAILS.”  If you don’t know what a fail is, check out the website and be prepared to feel better about yourself.  Maybe.

7. soundcloud

Want to check out some really cool, new music?  Don't want to worry about jail time for downloading music?  Want to impress your friends, family, and co-workers with your hipness (but not be a hipster)?  Well, then, this is the website for you!  Soundcloud is a really cool digital community where artists can share their music, get exposure, and connect with fans and where music lovers can learn about new, less commercially marketed artists (not saying being a commercial success is not cool or anything).  Plus, we can almost 100% guarantee, NO MILEY CYRUS TWERKING ANYWHERE ON THIS WEBSITE.

8. Iwastesomuchtime

This website is not much beyond a whole lot of memes.  Some are funny, some not so much.  But, the website delivers on what its name implies – it will waste a whole bunch of your time.

9. Collegehumor

The name says it all, just a whole lot of sophomoric (get it?) humor.

10. ESPN

I fully realize that this could cost me my Man Card, but I can waste time at ESPN.com.  I mean Holy Schnikes, I could lose a whole morning just by logging on to check out baseball standings.  (Note to my employer - I mean on the weekends, not while I am at work)

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