Mobile Website Development

With Intechnic, your website is not just converted to mobile; we build websites with mobile in mind.

Our results-focused approach combines strategy, design and the latest technology, to deliver world-class
mobile solutions.

One Website
- All Devices
We use sophisticated, adaptive design to build websites that are optimized for all devices – small mobile screens, tablet-size screens and desktop computer monitors.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Mobile websites designed by Intechnic adapt not only to the screen size, but to the capabilities of the device as well.

Our technology competency covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone and future devices.


Mobile Features That Fit in Your Pocket

We design advanced mobile solutions for a wide range of applications: from businesses to social networking:
  •  Adaptive Websites
  •  Portfolios / Case Studies
  •  Mobile Commerce
  •  QR Codes
  •  Social Features & Media
  •  UX / UI Touch Events
  •  HTML5 / CSS3
  •  Mobile Geolocation
  •  Mobile Video
  • Adaptive Websites

    Using Adaptive Website Design, we are able to build websites that will impress your customers on all devices – mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers and laptops. Unlike Responsive Design (which simply adapts to the screen size), Adaptive Design can also make use of features available on particular devices, such as GPS and touch-screen capability.

    Adaptive Websites
  • Portfolios / Case Studies

    Your iPad (or any other tablet) is a great tool to visually showcase your projects on the go.  Coupled with an online portfolio that is optimized using Adaptive Design, your tablet becomes a powerful presentation tool that is always updated with your latest images, documents or HD video streaming, directly from your website's online portfolio.

    Portfolios / Case Studies
  • Mobile Commerce

    Mobile Commerce (or M-commerce) is the next generation of E-commerce that enables your customers to purchase your goods and services using their mobile devices.  We specialize in various M-commerce solutions: mobile online stores, mobile payment processing, QR codes, mobile reservations and much more.

    Mobile Commerce
  • QR Codes

    QR (Quick Response) Codes can be scanned with a mobile device to link physical media (such as a billboard, product packaging, or a business card) to mobile Web.  We offer custom QR Code design, QR tracking and deployment of QR Codes, enabling customers to use their mobile devices to order products from your website, contact you, access information and much more.

    QR Codes
  • Social Features & Media

    Today's mobile websites offer many social features for a new era of global connectivity.  Instant communication, augmented reality and location-based services are becoming extensions of mobile and web-based social networks, working symbiotically to spread content, increase accessibility and connect users from any location.

    Social Features & Media
  • UX / UI Touch Events

    We build websites to work seamlessly with touch screen functionality on any mobile device.  Our websites respond to finger-swipes, pinching to zoom in and out, rotating with your device, and more.  For tablet and smartphone users, these actions are becoming second nature so we bring them to our mobile websites as well.

    UX / UI Touch Events
  • HTML5 / CSS3

    HTML5 is the next version of the language for structuring and presenting content for the Web.  HTML5 is the future of the Web and offers superior support for multimedia, video, animation, web applications and mobile development.  While many of our competitors are still catching-up, we already make full use of HTML5 and CSS3 to build Adaptive Mobile Websites.

    HTML5 / CSS3
  • Mobile Geolocation

    Geolocation (accurate geographic location using GPS) is undoubtedly one of the most exciting features of today's mobile devices.  It is now possible to build mobile websites with geolocation capabilities.  Intechnic is at the forefront of this technology building mobile websites that can find business branches closest to you, locate your friends by proximity and provide you with relevant offers in your area.

    Mobile Geolocation
  • Mobile Video

    Video is one of the most persuasive marketing tools for any website.  Today's mobile devices allow for high-definition videos to be part of your mobile websites.  Our streaming solutions let you send live or pre-recorded audio and video to any mobile device.  We can dynamically adjust movie playback quality to match the available speed of wireless networks.

MobileMade Simple

We deal with all the complexities of taking your website mobile so that you don’t have to.

We will guide you through the entire process, and help you with everything you need to get your mobile site up and running.