Turn Your Website Around

Problem: Unhappy Users =
Higher Support Costs

Concordia’s websites were failing both its users and the organization. The three websites were outdated in design, violated basic user experience principles, suffered from significant usability issues, and had a highly-disjointed information architecture. It was faster and easier for customers to call the support line than to find the information they needed online.


will stop doing business with your company because of bad experiences


will only give you one chance

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more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an old one

Objectives: Improve User Experience and Reduce Support Costs

To help Concordia solve its user satisfaction problem, improve usability, and reduce customer support costs, we set out to create a website that became the best performing website among all benefits administrators and insurance providers. Here is what we aimed to deliver:

  • World-class responsive design that best represents Concordia
  • User-centric Information Architecture (IA) based on five user types
  • Intuitive navigation to the visitor-specific information and forms
  • Wizard to help find common information and forms quickly
  • Easy-to-use side-by-side plan comparison
Insurance UX Website Design Case Study - Objectives: Improve User Experience and Reduce Support Costs