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Camping World is the leading seller of recreational vehicles, parts, accessories, and auxiliary services in the United States. However, their website simply wasn’t performing in terms of generating new leads.

Our site rework, focusing on delivering a streamlined and improved UX, helps users find the perfect RV for their needs, and resulted in a 28% increase in conversions.


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increase in
online conversion

Problem: Decrease in Conversions

Camping World came to Intechnic after experiencing a decrease in lead flow from their newly redesigned ecommerce website. To rectify this issue, and avoid making the same mistakes again, they wanted to partner with an agency highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of UX (User Experience).

Objectives: Improve User Experience & Boost Ecommerce Conversion Rate

To help Camping World solve these issues and turn their declining conversion rates around, we placed a heavy focus on delivering a superior UX to visitors.

Identifying the core needs of site visitors and making it as easy as possible to satisfy them would be a top priority.

Here is what we aimed to deliver:

  • Significantly increased conversion rates through better User Experience, less friction, and removed bottlenecks
  • An interactive experience for first-time recreational vehicle buyers which helps educate and guide them through the selection process
  • A streamlined process for experienced owners, making it easy for them to quickly locate the best RVs matching their established preferences
  • A fully responsive ecommerce experience that works seamlessly across all devices
  • As smooth as possible a transition for visitors between research and scheduling in-person viewings

Research & Strategy: What Do Users Want?

We had a clear idea of Camping World’s objectives; they wanted to increase their conversion rates. In order to achieve this, we knew we first had to deeply delve into the minds of their user base and gain a better understanding of their needs.

We had some homework to do, so we started by interviewing Camping World’s customers:

RVs Are Complicated

Speaking with first-time buyers along with prior & current RV owners, the first thing we discovered is that RVs are complicated. With close to a dozen different styles available, first-time buyers were often completely clueless as to where to even begin the research process – they were in desperate need of guidance.

Experienced recreational vehicle owners had a different set of concerns; they already had varying degrees of knowledge about the subject, as well as established personal preferences. Their primary concern was having a wider variety of available choices, and more control over the process.

Self-Service Through Online Research Difficult

Almost everyone researches major purchases they intend to make online at first. However, the complexity of this process when purchasing an RV was too much for many customers, who were overwhelmed with detail and unsure of the proper questions to ask to navigate through the process.

Customers would invest hours of their time in the process, only to show up at a dealership and realize many of their conclusions were incorrect and needed to be re-evaluated, turning what should have been an exciting and fun experience into a tedious and frustrating one.

How Do People Buy RVs? The Big "A-ha" Moment

The way in which RVs are most typically sold just doesn’t match up with the way most buyers, both first-time and experienced, purchase them.

RVs are often sold similarly to other motor vehicles; salespeople frequently focus on things like technical specs – gas mileage, horsepower, towing capacity, etc.

However, we discovered people evaluate purchase RVs much more closely to the way they do homes. Concerns like layouts, amenities, and sleeping capacity were far more important to them.

By designing a user experience that presented this information to them upfront, we knew we could cut down on time spent researching, and get them into a dealership faster – with a far clearer idea of what RVs would truly suit them.

People…Process…Product…by Marcus Lemonis

You may recognize Marcus Lemonis from his role as host on CNBC’s popular program The Profit. What you may not know about him is that he is also the CEO of Camping World.

Having been admirers of and inspired by Marcus’ work for a number of years, we thought to apply his core principles (PPP) to his own website design, with the following thoughts in mind:

  • People – Create a “people-centric” user experience focused on customers’ actual needs and wants
  • Process – Create a process to accommodate the two dramatically different buyer personas (first-time buyers & experienced owners)
  • Product – Blast through the analysis paralysis endemic to the RV industry to connect the right customers to the right product

We knew the key to success would be creating the right Process – one that could more effectively connect People with the wonderful Products Camping World has to offer.

Testing Before Building

Our UX team went to work, fully expecting to face a highly iterative challenge in order to truly maximize the improvement in UX we sought to deliver, beginning with our initial paper prototypes before moving on to digital and interactive versions, fine-tuning them all along the way.

Result: Top-Performing RV Website in the Industry

We were able to dramatically improve both ecommerce conversion rates as well as the overall customer experience by accomplishing the following:

Giving Users What They Want

Fundamentally, people interested in purchasing an RV want two things; guidance through the selection and research process, and choice in terms of customization and performance.

Guidance: Humanizing the User Experience

A customized, online wizard walks people through the buying process according to their personalized level of subject expertise, helping them easily identify specific models for further evaluation.

Choice: Putting Users in Control

Advanced customization and search options are right at the fingertips of more experienced visitors, giving them unparalleled speed and control over the research process.

The Best of Both Worlds

Users are freely allowed to combine use of the guided wizard along with the granular search options, giving them maximum flexibility and a much improved UX.

Custom Icons for Optimal User Experience

A visually engaging and powerfully descriptive set of customized icons easily illustrates differences between models and smooths the navigation experience.

Inspiring and Authentic Photography

Inspiring, authentic photography showcases the very best of what the RV lifestyle has to offer for potential buyers and their families.

We Keep Making the Best RV Website Even Better

While Camping World was thrilled with the performance of their new ecommerce website, at Intechnic we understand that developing and launching a best-in-class site really is only half the battle.

That’s why we ran a series of UX audits after the new site launched, carefully evaluating both quantitative and qualitative information to actually see how users interacted with the site.

This information allowed us to improve the user experience even further – and boost conversion rates even higher.

Business Results: More Sales + Happier Customers

Not only did we over-deliver on Camping World’s original goal for this project – increased conversion rates – we also helped them completely re-envision the way in which their organization pursued sales leads online.

The incredible 28% increase in online conversion rate Camping World realized translates to a huge impact on their overall online sales performance, and represents a substantial amount of revenue for this $3.5b organization.


increase in
online conversion

We had a large project that needed to be completed in a short period of time. Intechnic delivered. We definitely received a good ROI

Adam Johnson, Director of Digital Development

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