Conversion Optimization Tips to Improve Website Performance

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A website is like a high-performance car and, when you compare your website to the competitors’ websites, it’s like a drag race. Continuing with this race analogy, there is only one winner and one prize—the customer. If you win the race, you get the customer. If you come in second, you get nothing.

Now let’s think about how these teams win their races. They meticulously fine-tune every possible component of the car. Each isolated, fine-tuned component doesn’t win the race, but improvements to each component will shave off split seconds and get their car closer to the finish line. It is these collective improvements that ultimately win the race.

It works the same way with websites. You may believe some improvements (or “tune-ups”) are too small and insignificant. However, small improvements can be made and may produce results. Adding these to all of your other “tune-ups” amounts to a race victory.

Conversion tracking and analysis allows you to identify and measure purchasing signs, optimize the checkout flow and remove all barriers that prevent prospects from converting to customers.

How to Get the Most from Your Website

Here are 6 website conversion optimization tips to help you optimize your website for the best possible performance.

6 Conversion Optimization Tips - Infographic

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