Website Conversion Optimization Using Marketing Research Tools

Andrew Kucheriavy

Website Conversion Optimization Using Marketing Research Tools

Continued from: 'Best Tools for A/B and Multivariate Testing' Sometimes the best way to find out what your customers think about your company and its products or services is to ask them directly. Your customers and other participants can provide you with valuable feedback that can be used not only to improve your website but also your offering as well. Here are some great marketing research options to help you optimize your website for conversions.

Marketing Research & Surveys

Online surveys on or off your website are a low-cost way to conduct basic marketing research to learn if an idea or a product is appealing to website visitors. We've listed our favorite tools below to help you get started.

  • Google Consumer Surveys Google Consumer Surveys is a great tool that harnesses the scope of Google to reach everyday people, not only those who choose to participate in research panels. You can run a number of questions in various forms, specify the demographic and get thorough analytical results.
Google Consumer Surveys
  • SurveyMonkey Survey Monkey is one of the most popular and easy to use tools to create, design and analyze surveys online. You also can obtain feedback from your target audience via SurveyMonkey's pool at a nominal fee.
Survey Monkey
  • AYTM AYTM is a powerhouse in online market research reaching 20M+ people. It has options for video questions and responses, demographic filters, and psychographic filters, and allows you to prequalify responders.

Professional Testing

If you feel you are still not getting the most from your website, it may be time to ask for professional help. Although your web developer has a high level of expertise, he or she may not possess superior skills in a specific area (outside of their core competency). Additionally, they may not have sufficient resources available to trouble-shoot and solve all problems. Remember, at this point, after working on the website for this length of time, both you and your web developer have developed tunnel vision. This means that elements go unnoticed where it would likely be obvious to a fresh eye. It can, therefore, be helpful to bring in a fresh, new perspective. Luckily, there are services and resources designed for just that--to get constructive criticism from website users and other professionals in the industry:

  • Notable Notable is designed for web developers to get feedback from their peers on wireframes, designs and finished websites. This may be a great tool to audit your website for potential issues and missed opportunities.
  • Satispot Satispot can help you uncover what your customers truly think of your website--what works and what doesn't. With Satispot, you can ask your website visitors questions and get feedback in real time.

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