Best Oscar Movie Websites - Intechnic's Award Winners for 2017

Sloane Moore

Best Oscar Movie Websites - Intechnic's Award Winners for 2017

The Oscars are right around the corner, and everyone’s got their own opinion about which films should win—and which should not. Well, we’re having our own version of the Oscars—we’re judging movie websites! Creating a successful film website is tricky business because you’ve got to get people interested in the film without giving away the plot, make the website enticing enough to share and sell movie extras—like movie tickets, soundtracks and DVDs. It was difficult making the final selections; the competition was pretty stiff. And now, without further ado, here are our 2017 Oscar movie website winners!

1. Best Home Page - Loving

The movie website for Loving won our prize for Best Home Page because of its stylish, yet functional design. Upon entering the website, visitors can accomplish many tasks, from learning about the film, to seeing reviews, to making a purchase, to sharing the website on social media. Once below the fold, visitors can easily navigate to other features, such as video clips, reviews and interviews with the cast and crew. Best Home Page - Loving Movie Website

2. Best Navigation  / Information Architecture - Jackie

The navigation interface for Jackie makes it easy to peruse the site, with clear categories at the top of the page and attractive drop-down menus that match the dramatic red backdrop. Best Navigation - Jackie Movie Website

3. Best User Experience - Star Wars: Rogue One

The uncluttered website for Star Wars: Rogue One allows the user to experience the stunning visuals. The website's clean layout allows the video and image backgrounds to shine. Best User Experience - Star Wars - Rogue One Movie Website

4. Best Visual Design - Hacksaw Ridge

The Hacksaw Ridge movie website uses images from the film to immediately engage website visitors. The evocative portraits in the "Cast and Filmmakers" section are particularly striking, allowing visitors to get “up and personal” with the characters. Best Visual Design - Hacksaw Ridge Movie Website

5. Best Use of Photography - Moonlight

Moonlight won our award for Best Use of Photography because of its striking use of close-ups and alternating blue and purple filters. The portraits captivate visitors from the start, illustrating how faces can effectively convey meaning without text. Best Use of Photography - Moonlight Movie Website

6. Best Use of Video or Moving Image - Doctor Strange

The latest film from Marvel, Doctor Strange, is action-packed, and its website clearly illustrates that. The video backgrounds are engrossing, revealing just enough of the film's plot to intrigue website visitors. Best Use of Video or Moving Image - Doctor Strange Movie Website

7. Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics - Sing

Sing is a fun, family film and the movie's website, filled with vibrant animated characters, compliments it nicely. Visitors (especially the younger ones) will enjoy the large animated visuals and interactive website features. Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics - Sing Movie Website

8. Best Writing - Manchester by the Sea

The characters and setting for the film, Manchester by the Sea, are inextricably intertwined, and the website's copy makes this clear. With vivid written descriptions of the location, characters and making of the film, the website sets the film's mood for visitors before they see it. Best Writing - Manchester by the Sea Movie Website And that wraps it up. Congratulations to this year's Oscar movie website winners! Free Consultation   We Design the World's Best Websites  & Solve Business Problems  Let's Discuss Your Project