Best Engineering Websites

Julia Linnik

Best Engineering Websites

“Best” is a subjective measure. When asked, Philip J. Schneider, AIA, Director of National Institute of Building Sciences, said that “getting the next project, of course, is always the greatest challenge” for engineering firms. Because researchers and selection committee members visit websites as part of the vendor search and bid review process, the “best" websites help firms win projects. These engineering websites deliver the right information to visitors, researchers and decision makers, and inspire confidence. There are three key factors that make that happen:

  • Website design – Because reputation, trust and credibility mean everything in this industry,an ideal engineering website projects an image of a professional, established, successful and financially-stable company.
  • Demonstrated expertise – It is important to provide validation for selection committee members (e.g. the Department of Transportation). Proper presentation of past projects, executive team bios and staff’s experience are of paramount importance.
  • Positive website user experience (UX) – Cumbersome information architecture, poor content layout and hard to scan through text, a common problem for engineering websites, is irritating and creates a lasting negative impression. Having a top notch UX plays a major role in how visitors perceive the company.

The following engineering firms have earned high scores on all three points.

1. Sta-Lok

Best Engineering Sites - Sta-Lok

2. HBK Engineering

Best Engineering Sites - HBK Engineering

3. Epi Engineering

Best Engineering Sites - Epi Engineering

4. AEI

Best Engineering Sites - AEI

5. Intelligent Product Solutions

Best Engineering Sites - Intelligent Product Solutions

6. Ascent Corp

Best Engineering Sites - Ascent Corp

7. Point Innovation

Best Engineering Sites - Point Innovation

8. HR Green

Best Engineering Sites - HR Green

9. IES

Best Engineering Sites - IES

10. Schneider Structural Engineers

Best Engineering Sites - Schneider Structural Engineers

11. Sherpa Design

Best Engineering Sites - Sherpa Design

12. Dimensional Innovations

Best Engineering Sites - Dimensional Innovations

13. HOK

Best Engineering Sites - HOK Free Consultation   We Design the World's Best Websites  & Solve Business Problems  Let's Discuss Your Project