Top 50 Best Examples of Websites Using Responsive Design

by in Creative

Most professionals agree: 2013 is the year of Responsive Design in Web Design. Responsive Design is the practice of building a single website that is optimized for screens of all sizes: smartphones, tablets, laptops and large desktop monitors. Unlike the traditional approach of building multiple versions of the same website (a desktop version, a mobile version, etc.), responsive websites automatically adapt to screen size and to the capabilities of a mobile device. The benefit of responsive design is clear: only one website to build and maintain.

Below are some of the best examples of Responsive Design that we could find. But don’t take our world for it. Check them out on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or other mobile device.

Did we miss any great examples of Responsive Design? Feel free to share your thoughts and examples!

1. Dadaab Stories

2. Mustafa Demirkent

3. Juliana Bicycles

4. Breaking News

5. EdseyArt

6. A day in Big Data

7. Ginger Whale

8. Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

9. Fork CMS

10. Oliver Russell

11. Andersson-Wise Architects

12. Fashionably flexible website design

13. Contents Magazine

14. Portland Design Studio

15. Simon Collison

16. The Next Web

17. Luck is probability taken personally

18. From the Front

19. Squarespace

20. Rally Interactive

21. Substrakt

22. Shiny Demos

23. An Event Apart

24. Daniel Vane

25. REBEL8

26. Siyelo

27. Food Sense

28. Andrew Lohman

29. W Magazine

30. Lancaster University

31. Victorian Government

32. Ready to Inspire

33. William Csete

34. The George Hotel Hamburg

35. Formfett

36. Toronto Website Design

37. Support Your Local Brewery!

38. Digital Atelier

39. Web Design Andover

40. Deren Keskin

41. illy issimo

42. University of Notre Dame

43. Designed To Move

44. Design Week Portland

45. Tattly

46. Kingshill Cars

47. British American Household Staffing Agency

48. Humaan

49. New Adventures In Web Design conference

50. El Sendero del Cacao

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