Top 15 Websites for New Year’s Eve (Plus Related Events and Resolutions)

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With the year drawing to an end, we’re seeing plenty of retrospective lists detailing the “best of 2013”—music, movies, TV shows, sports highlights. But what about the best websites that focus on New Year’s Eve or year-end events? Obviously, it’s a niche area, but looking at New Year’s Eve sites is a great way to get a sense of some of the best trends in web design this year. Read on for the top 15 New Year’s Eve-related sites.

Around the World


1. Sydney’s New Year’s Eve

Australia knows how to do it right when it comes to NYE, and the city of Sydney is especially prepared this year. Site visitors are greeted with a psychedelic backdrop, tourist info, the option to download a mobile app, and a map featuring the best vantage points in the city—including valuable details such as “accessible toilets” and “alcohol for sale.”


2. New Year Countdown

Showing days, hours, minutes and seconds ticking down to 0.


3. The Official Times Square Site

Although its design isn’t particularly innovative, the Times Square site makes up for it with the sheer wealth of information it provides to New Year’s Eve revelers. Whether you’re looking for an event schedule, travel tips, or even the history of New Year’s Eve, you’ll find it here.


4. The Queen Mary

With its vibrant orange firework backdrop and the tagline “Passport to a New Year,” legendary ocean liner the Queen Mary immediately entices site visitors to buy a ticket and get on board their New Year’s Eve cruise.


5. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

New Year’s Eve is called Hogmanay in Scotland and is a huge holiday steeped in tradition. My favorite feature of the official Edinburgh Hogmanay site is #Blogmanay, their compilation of Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos shared by visitors from over 60 countries.


Miscellaneous Events


6. White Wonderland

This site, for the annual White Wonderland party at the Anaheim Convention Center, makes this list for its icy theme and great use of a fixed background. Also, they get bonus points for having a mobile app that is easy to access from their home page.


7. New Year’s Race

If you’re going to be in LA for New Year’s and feel like running a 5K or half marathon after all the end-of-the-year festivities, check out the site for the city’s night-time race on January 4th.


8. Brazen New Year’s Day Run

If you live on the West coast, there’s still time to sign up to run a 5K, 10K, or half-marathon at the Brazen Running website. The site is a better example of straightforward information than design aesthetics—you can learn all about Castro Valley and the beautiful Lake Chabot, where the race takes place.


9. Nantucket New Year

The small east coast island of Nantucket might not be everyone’s New Year’s destination, but with their elegant web layout and well-chosen featured photos, the locale sure seems inviting.


10. Hongkiat: 15 Breathtaking Firework Photos

This is actually a blog post as opposed to a site, but if you want to start getting excited for New Year’s firework displays, this post has a great collection of beautiful New Year’s fireworks from around the world.


Turning Over a New Leaf


 11. 21 Habit

This resolution website has a minimalistic design and a great idea: people set a 21-day challenge or resolution and deposit $21. Every day that they meet a goal, they get $1. If you don’t stick to your resolution, though, it’s not all bad—the site donates the remaining money to charity.


12. Goal Buddy

Don’t visit Goal Buddy unless you’re really serious about sticking to your New Year’s resolution. The site immediately presents you with space to enter 3 goals, then asks you to sign up in order to join a community that cheers you on as you share your progress.


13. Lifetick

Lifetick is designed for any kinds of goals, and it may be particularly effective if you have a lot of specific, long-term resolutions, like training for a marathon or writing the next great American novel. The site offers a task list, activity feed, charts and graphs showing your progress, and status widgets—just to name a few features.


14. Stickk

In my opinion, this is the resolution site that does the best job of utilizing a social media format. Users set their goal, (optionally) put down money to raise the stakes, get a personal referee, and can add friends as a support network. The site also has a scrolling newsfeed showing you who else is using the site and what goals they’ve set.


15. Mindbloom

Do you quickly lose the interest or motivation to complete your New Year’s resolutions? Try game-ifying them with Mindbloom—a story-driven website that lets you visualize your goal progress through the growth of a tree.
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