Simple Is Better: 30 Examples of Minimalistic Webdesign

by in Creative

Minimalism has been a very important movement across all fields from art to cars, games to furniture, and of course, web design. The ‘less is more’ approach has proven to be the go to means to achieve elegance, sophistication and more importantly, innovation. Done right, a minimalist website is aesthetically pleasing, thorough and easily understandable. Here are some examples of companies who utilized the minimalist approach:

1. Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

2. World of Oil

World of Oil

3. Measponte


4. Marmo Elite

Marmo Elite

5. Rotate


6. Steven Mengin

Steven Mengin

7. Draw a better

Draw a better

8. Veintidos


9. Mikiya Kobayashi

Mikiya Kobayashi

10. Makhno Architects

Makhno Architects

11. Truth Labs Portfolio

Truth Labs Portfolio

12. Yuna Kim

13. Independent

14. Neverbland

15. Alessandro Giua

16. The STUDIO

17. Lapka

18. Web Design Manchester

19. Lars Tornøe

20. Nizo for iPhone

21. Rodrigo Galindez

22. Radial

23. Rockaway Relief

24. Barnt & Arnst

25. Rachel Gant Jewelry

26. Planoform

27. The DECK

28. Made Together

29. Edmund de Waal

30. Dumbo Townhouses

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