Content Optimization – Easy Tips to Optimize Your Content for SEO

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Continued from: How to Do the Best Keyword Research to Optimize Your Content for SEO

After you have determined some good keywords for your website, and you know there is an opportunity to rank for them, you should focus your efforts on creating and optimizing your content for these keywords.

The important rule of thumb is to be sure that the keywords you are choosing are relevant to your website’s content.  When arriving at your website through a search engine, people should always get the content they expect and be happy with its quality. This is the main rule of SEO.

There is nothing, however, preventing you from producing original quality content to target specific keywords that represent opportunities.  As long as the new content is in line with your website and your company’s vision, you can actually create content to attract additional traffic. After all, this is what content marketing is all about.

How to Optimize Your Content for SEO

You’ve spent a lot of time writing great content–now take the time to optimize it. Go through one keyword at a time, and focus on the page of your website that corresponds to that particular keyword. You want to be certain that the keyword appears in several places on your page, but don’t over-populate the keyword. Spamming or overloading a page with a keyword will actually hurt the ranking.

You can learn some simple SEO tricks in our free SEO guide, which you can download below.

Simple SEO Strategies

Also, to get you started with your content optimization, here’s a helpful infographic to show you the best places to insert your keywords on your website:

Best Places to Insert Keywords for SEO - Infographic