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In the highly-competitive field where 19% of the food manufacturers control nearly 90% ($504 billion) of the market, a company must not only deliver high-quality products, but also project a brand image that stands out from the crowd of nearly 31,000 establishments.

Food manufacturers’ websites are visited by distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. A world-class website communicates with visitors by helping them find the info they need, while projecting the image of trust and credibility in the brand. Such a website can help win new business and address a consumer’s concerns about the food they buy.

There are three main aspects that make a world-class food manufacturing website:

  • Great user experience (UX) – visitors want to find the info they need quickly and easily. The website should deliver an intuitive navigation and, where applicable, a guided experience to deliver a great UX.
  • Brand image – the website design must match that of the brand image to ensure congruence between what visitors’ brand impressions are before the visit and what they see on the website. In other words, the website should not look like a brochure that was designed and unchanged since 2003.
  • User-centric content – the information on the site should be written for user types; do not use industry jargon in sections for consumers, and do not “dumb things down” for corporate buyers. The copy should also be easy to comprehend and share with other decision makers or influencers.

The following websites scored highly in all aspects:

1. Tyson


2. MillerCoors


3. Hormel


4. Unilever Global

Unilever Global

5. Land O Lakes

Land O Lakes

6. E. & J. Gallo Winery

E. & J. Gallo Winery

7. Président Cheese

Président Cheese

8. Dole


9. Dannon


10. Hain Celestial

Hain Celestial

11. KIND Snacks

KIND Snacks

12. NOW Foods

NOW Foods

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