Best 25 Thanksgiving Websites for a Successful Holiday Gathering

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and to be honest, I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t like a little help getting ready for the big day. There’s a lot to pull together, from the food and entertainment, to the decorations and beyond. Fortunately, here at Intechnic, we’ve got your back!  Here are our picks for the 25 best Thanksgiving websites to help you pull off the best holiday gathering ever!

Thanksgiving History

Pop quiz: What boat did the Pilgrims sail on? If you’re not sure, you might want to brush up on your Thanksgiving history. You’ll appreciate the holiday even more if you know the facts. Don’t worry, here are a few sites to get you up to speed in no time!

1. Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth_Plantation Thanksgiving WebsiteMost kids learn in school that the first pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, but how much do you know about the Plimoth Plantation that those pilgrims built? Today Plimoth Plantation is a recreated 17th century settlement open from March to November in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the site gives you a taste of the rich historical details you can expect if you visit.

2. The History Channel: Thanksgiving

The History Channel_Thanksgiving_WebsiteThe History Channel is nothing if not thorough, and on this site you can find articles and videos on just about every aspect of Thanksgiving history you could imagine, from the construction of the Mayflower to the first football broadcast.

3. The American Indian Center

This site’s warm yellow and orange hues and circular logo are certainly great selling points, but the real value of this site is the opportunity to learn more about the Americans who lived here before the Europeans arrived.

4. Native American Art History

This is another great site for exploring Native American cultural history. View high-quality photographs and learn about different forms of Native American art, including pottery, weaving, and sand painting.

5. Mayflower History

Mayflower History Thanksgiving_WebsiteMayflower History has been online since 1994 and has evolved a great deal in that time. Now you can follow the blog, look at an original Mayflower passenger list, and consult genealogical resources to see if you might be a Mayflower descendant.

Food Fit for a Thanksgiving Feast

Let’s face it: Everyone wants to “pull out all of the stops” for Thanksgiving dinner. But if you’re the one making the meal, it can be a daunting task. The key to a successful meal is a foolproof menu. Here are our favorite websites full of great ideas for Thanksgiving main dishes, sides, and desserts.

6. LA Times’ Thanksgiving Food Photo Series

LATimes_Thanksgiving_WebsiteThis is a photo gallery rather than an entire website, but it seems wrong to leave out any link that brings viewers so many mouthwatering photos of different Thanksgiving dishes.

7. New York Times Thanksgiving 2015


The New York Times Thanksgiving section will take you from A to Z with your Thanksgiving feast. From articles like “How to Roast a Turkey” to the free menu planner, you just can’t go wrong with this comprehensive site!

8. Bruce’s Yams

Looking for a yam recipe to round out your Thanksgiving fare? Well, look no further! This website made me laugh out loud the first time I saw its unapologetically campy and confident design. The site proclaims that it is “presented in beta carotene-o-vision” and lets you purchase products, read a yam blog, review recipes, or visit a page called “Yam Fun!” if you’re feeling brave.

9. Food Network Thanksgiving Recipes

Food Network_Thanksgiving_Website

If you’re really looking to throw a Thanksgiving like a professional chef, then you need to check out the Food Network’s Thanksgiving channel. It has got all sorts of recipes from famous chefs, like Bobby Brown and Giada de Laurentiis, and the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten.

10. Tofurky


If you’ve got vegetarians coming for dinner, or if you just want to give your Thanksgiving guests a non-meat alternative, you won’t want to forget the Tofurkey! Tofurkey is the go-to “meat” for vegetarians at Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

Entertaining Kids on Turkey Day

We all love kids, but anyone who’s ever tried to prepare a large meal with small children underfoot will appreciate keeping them occupied—maybe just for a little while. Here are some fun games to keep kids of all ages entertained until you get Thanksgiving dinner on the table!

11. Scholastic Thanksgiving

Children’s publishing company Scholastic pulls out all the stops to make Thanksgiving history fun for kids. The interactive site includes videos that allow kids (and history-loving adults) to go on virtual tours of the Plimouth Plantation, Wampanoag Homesite, and the Mayflower.

12. Turkey Run from Miniclip

Of course, the types of websites that most appeal to kids on Thanksgiving are probably the ones that let them play fun animated games. In Turkey Run, kids get to help the poultry protagonist evade a chef intent on making him the main course of Thanksgiving dinner.

13. Thanksgiving Dinner from Soft Schools

For kids who want to play a potentially less stressful, more logic-based game, Thanksgiving Dinner might be a good choice. Players must figure out how to arrange 12 family members around a Thanksgiving table so that they’re all closest to the foods and other family members they like best.

Thanksgiving Décor

Looking for ways to spice up your table with more than just food? Here are some great craft ideas to add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving gathering!

14. Better Homes and Gardens Thanksgiving Crafts

Better Homes and Gardens_Thanksgiving_Website

The Better Homes and Gardens magazine is well-known for its creative yet elegant crafts and its featured Thanksgiving crafts are no exception. You’ll definitely find something to add sparkle to your home here!

15. Tiny Prints

This is an attractive and clean web layout for a simple concept: personalized family Thanksgiving cards. The card gallery shows off a nice selection of modern, colorful designs.

16. Parents Magazine Thanksgiving Crafts


Looking to put your little one’s hands to work? What better way to let them express their creativity (and decorate your home) than to have them help with the decorations. These crafts are easy enough for children (with some parental supervision), and the projects are very cute!

17. Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Central

Martha Stewart_Thanksgiving_Website

The Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Central is a Thanksgiving extravaganza! Martha Stewart is “hostess with the mostest”‘ and she proves it with this gorgeous website. You can find everything from recipes, to crafts, to party tips to make your Thanksgiving a breeze!

Thanskgiving Travel

Do you have big plans to travel for Thanksgiving? Or are you looking to do something a little closer to home? Regardless of where you spend the holiday, here are some great activities to explore. If none of these are nearby, maybe you can make plans to visit next year!

18. Massachusetts Vacation

Massachusetts Vacation_Thanksgiving_WebsiteYou can visit the home of the first Thanksgiving by booking a trip to Massachusetts, but first check out the State’s official travel website. They have one of the best fall layouts, featuring a soft orange background, great use of different shapes, and plenty of news about seasonal happenings.

19. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade_WebsiteIf you’re going to be in New York over Thanksgiving, you can’t miss the City’s iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade. Prepare yourself by checking out their website, where you can learn everything from the parade route to the balloons and performers that will be featured this year.

20. Dana Point Turkey Trot

Dana Point Turkey Trot Thanksgiving WebsiteThanksgiving is one of the most popular running days of the year, with hundreds of local turkey trots on offer. Dana Point, California has a particularly popular race and a nice website that pairs a backdrop of the scenic (and sunny) Dana Point with classic Thanksgiving images (like a guy in a Turkey mascot costume lining up with runners).

21. Festival Foods Turkey Trot

Festival Foods Turkey Trot_Thanksgiving_WebsiteIf the Midwest is more your speed, the Festival Turkey Trot offers several races throughout Wisconsin. Even if you’re not near Wisconsin, you should check out their eye-catching and colorful site.


And finally, here’s a potpourri of Thanksgiving websites with interesting trivia and tidbits to get you in the holiday mood!

22. Seasonal Wisdom

Seasonal Wisdom is a blog that looks at gardening, food, and folklore. As the name of the blog would suggest, it keeps up with the major events of each month, and you can see some great Thanksgiving-related posts .

23. The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room_Thanksgiving_WebsiteThis is another blog that’s not specifically Thanksgiving-themed, but it has a simple, muted design that evokes November. And you’ll find plenty of posts with great ideas for holiday decorating too.

24.  NFL Thanksgiving Line-up


For many people, it’s not Thanksgiving without football, and the NFL website has an easy-to-follow line-up of all the pro football games so that you can come up with your viewing strategy.

25. The Kitsch of Thanksgiving from TIME

Similar to the LA Times food post, this is actually a photo series, but it’s a great look at some classic American images of Thanksgiving. Clicking through the gallery is bound to make you smile and think about some of the best and weirdest Thanksgiving traditions.

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