36 Beautiful Big Background Image Website Designs

by in Creative

Big background website designs have become quite the rage in the web development arena. Using a large image as a background creates an impact on the user; it captivates them and drives them to further explore. This design technique proves to be minimal yet ensures an extremely positive user experience time and time again. The following are 20 examples of beautifully executed large image website designs.

1. Bangui l’oubliée
Bangui l'oubliée


2. Susa Ventures
Susa Ventures


3. Rum Chata
Rum Chata


4. BB Dakota
BB Dakota


5. Checkland Kindleysides
Checkland Kindleysides


6. Why Go Wild 


7. Gardener and Marks


8. Little co. 




10.Ole Soiree


11. Leve Hytter


12. Mah Ze Dahr


13. Intechnic 


14.  Lets Travel Somewhere


15. Car Freaks


16.  Healing Histories


17.  Geo Fun


18. Public Art Fund


19. Matt Barnes Enterprises


20. Hat Shop


21. Brightbyte


22. Papertelevision


23. Vazco


24. Big Cartel


25. Rochester Made


26. Circles: Meetups for the Creative Types


27. 5emegauche


28. Royale


29. Russian Standard Vodka


30. Grodd Reklam


31. Lost in val sinestra


32. Valentino Official Website


33. Yves Rocher


34. Adidasdesignstudios


35. The Paper Mill


36. Banger’s – Austin

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