Our Process

We specialize in helping our clients make strategic decisions
in a practical manner. Every client needs a superior roadmap in order
to achieve superior results

Our methods and tools are structured but not rigid, allowing us to adapt them to different client environments. Our fact-based analysis and economic models inform you of your full scope of service opportunities to reduce cost and improve service. This helps to ensure that you have the insight and transparency to make the right decisions, in order to continually deliver value to your business.

1. Collect

Our approach is simple and effective. We collect your readily available data used every day to run your IT environment. With this data and WG best practices, WG consultants work in collaboration with your IT management team to organize your data into industry standard IT service areas.

2. Analyze

We build custom dashboards to represent your current service and cost, and then analyze your data for opportunities to reduce cost and improve service.

3. Select

Driven by your data, we evaluate marketplace service options on your behalf. Based on your selection criteria, culture and business objectives, we consider multiple service providers that meet your requirements. We help you through all phases of the selection process through contract signature.

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