Coming Soon, Gaining Now: Tips for Effective Coming Soon Pages

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What exactly is a “coming soon” page? Most people often think of it as a page to cover up for a problematic or unfinished area of a website, quite similar to the usual “under construction” page. In essence, a “coming soon” page is that and then, so much more.  A more suitable description for a “coming soon” page is a teaser page. Its main purpose is in fact to entice and persuade online users and potential customers to come back again and see what you offer. It’s not just about covering up a blank page but more on making use of that blank page. Got it?

You might ask, why do you need a teaser page?  Well, for one it’s a good start to raise awareness of your product or service, ensuring a successful launch when the time comes that you’re fully ready to introduce your products. Likewise, a “coming soon” page is great for familiarity. Letting your potential customers know about your product as early as possible can be advantageous. With a good “coming soon” page, you increase anticipation and people would definitely look forward to the day you actually launch your product or service.  Allow your potential customer to take a sneak peek of what you’ll offer and see how eager and excited they’d become. Having a “coming soon” page is beyond doubt an effective web strategy that can really benefit your product.

The next question you have would probably be this: so how can I build the perfect “coming soon” page? There are several ways you can make or create an effective teaser page but here are a few useful tips to help you in your page creation:

1. Be creative with your wordings

“Coming Soon” and “ This Site is Under Construction” are not the only words or terms that you can use for your teaser page.  There are several options you can consider like “Something Big is Coming Your Way”, “Be The First To Know”, or “Drop By Again Soon”. You can also ask teaser questions that can capture their interests like “Are You Ready For This?”, “Do You Have What it Takes?” and so much more.

2. Give a short description or insight on what’s coming soon

Provide a short but catchy copy on your page, explaining and describing the product or service you’re about to launch.

3. Start to present your logo and brand or product name on the page

Introducing your logo and name can help you with branding and familiarity.  Place your logo and name over a simple background to allow them to stand out. is not yet ready to launch its website so they created this page with their cute logo to notify people that they’re coming soon.

4. Gone are the days of black and white and all- text “coming soon” pages

Now, we have an assortment of color choices and stunning images that we can use.  Use them to your advantage but remember to not overdo.

5. Encourage online viewers to sign-up for newsletter and updates

Provide an email sign- up box so you can make follow- ups and invite them to check your page again once it’s already done.  This is also a good way to track and survey your page views.  Here’s a shoe selling company that used a sexy image of a woman’s legs to entice viewers.  Instead of the words “sign up”, used the term “skin up” for added creativity.  It’s a great sample of a classy and elegant teaser page that invites people to sign- up for email notifications.

6. Provide links to your other websites like your social networking sites

This will help your potential customers get to know and connect with you better even before the website is up and running.  Put Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr widgets on your page for them to click. Accentuate’s site features this cool coming soon page with Twitter and Facebook handles.


7. You can also feature a short but interesting viral video of the product or service you’re going to launch

The more interesting it is, the more people will share and introduce it to others.  It’s free advertising already.  It can also motivate them to come back and check your site again.

Have you seen some great examples of Coming Soon pages? Share them with us in the comments below!

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