Corporate Blog Study: PlayStation

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If you have a built-in fan base like Playstation does, a blog is a great way to keep them invested in your company. Not only is it an opportunity for you to share your message with consumers, it’s also a way to hear back from them. A good blog is a two-way street, and this is something the Playstation blog is doing well. Here are a few goals they are accomplishing with their blog.

Keep your fans informed. Playstation’s blog is the best place to find out what games are being released this week as well as what new trailers and videos are available to watch. They make it easier to fans to stay up-to-date, which will encourage them to come back frequently.

Reward your customers. The blog lets visitors know about discounts available on Playstation products, giving fans another reason to visit. Often, the people reading your blog are your most loyal followers, so making sure they know when you are having any kind of deal will help to keep them happy.

Get ideas and feedback from fans. Like Starbucks does on its blog, Playstation has asked its users directly for ideas on how to improve their experience. Then other users can vote on the ideas, so they have a sense of what’s most popular. This type of feedback can be incredibly valuable to your company, influencing the products and developments you pursue and enabling you to grow in a more knowledgeable way.

Allows users to get answers. The Playstation blog also connects people to customer service, making it easy for them to seek assistance with any issues they may be having. Also, fans who post comments on the blog often receive responses. This is something many corporate blogs overlook, but responding every now and then – even just to say thank you – is crucial to encouraging people to visit and comment again in the future.

When looking at your own corporate blog, consider ways that you can allow the users to contribute to the conversation or seek their feedback on company developments. Your goal should be to develop a community that builds loyalty for your brand.