The Village of Glenview Website — Public Survey

The Village of Glenview is conducting a public opinion survey for the purpose acquiring feedback on the Village’s new website ( ). Your participation will help us assess areas that have enhanced the user experience, as well as areas where we can still do better. Your participation is greatly appreciated and your responses are confidential and would be used solely for the purposes of assessing the success of the new website.



3. I am a

4. How often do you use the Village website?

5. What is your primary use of the website? (check all that apply)


6. How do you rate the redesigned Glenview website?

  Poor OK Excellent
Overall improvement when compared to the old website
Ease of use and ease of navigation
Quick access to government services & contact information
Quick access to forms/permits/licenses
Mobile access
Request services
Online bill pay/permit renewal
Access current or past newsletter publications
Appearance and representation of the Village
Access to the latest news and events
Access Board of Trustees' meetings

7. How can we make the Village of Glenview's website better?

8. Where did you hear about this survey?