Will Your Website Survive 2012? Top New Year’s Resolutions

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Update: see our 2014 Web Design Trends & Predictions

You are probably not worried that the world will end in 2012 based on an interpretation of an ancient Mayan calendar, are you?  While most agree that the world will be just fine, there are online trends that could spell out an apocalyptic scenario for your website in 2012 should you choose to ignore them.

Is your website ready? You can find out by asking yourself the following question:

Is your Website So-Lo-Mo Friendly?


At November’s PubCon Vegas show, the distinguished Google engineer Matt Cutts, stood in front of a crowded room and encouraged everyone to focus on three areas in 2012: Social, Local and Mobile:


Is your website properly integrated with social media? Are you piggybacking off the explosion of social networks or going against the mainstream?


Is your website SEO optimized for local searches and closely integrated into local communities or are you competing with every other company out there?



Users accessing websites on mobile devices will soon exceed that of personal computer users.  Are you ready for that?  Or will you be  losing business to your competition?



If you think that the look and feel of your website is starting to feel a little outdated, chances are your customers do too. Website design trends change over years and you may be losing business if you’re not keeping up.  Consider a quick web design facelift, or, a complete overhaul to help improve your overall image and even boost your sales.



You’ve probably heard that running a blog is one of the best things that you can do for online marketing of your website. Running a quality blog on your website will boost search engine optimization, help position yourself as an expert, and will allow you to build relationships with your audience.  All are extremely valuable benefits when it comes to your website’s success.



If you think your website is safe from hackers because you have nothing ‘worth stealing,’ think again. Hackers are shifting their attacks to target smaller websites and businesses, thus, website security will be a major issue in 2012. This may be a great time for a thorough security review of your website.



Hopefully by now you’re not hosting your website out of your office. If you are, then 2012 may indeed have a doomsday scenario prepared for you.  Without professional hosting for your website, your website will always lag behind competition: it will be slower; it will probably have accessibility issues; and a lot of potential downtime.  Modern cloud computing refers to using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store and manage data, instead of hosting it on your local server.  It offers increased reliability, lower cost, more accessibility and easier scalability.