Why You Shouldn’t Fake Product Reviews

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Maybe you’ve posted a new product on a site like Amazon. Or you allow people to post reviews on your own site. The idea of posting a review of your product yourself can be tempting. After all, you stand by your product, and you think it could help sales. It can be even more tempting after you’ve gotten a negative review. You want to correct things that the naysayer got wrong.

Resist that temptation

Why? Customers will see right through it. A fake review is easy to spot. Often it contains too much marketing speak, highlighting the features of the product with a little too much detail. It doesn’t have anything negative or even neutral to say, everything’s perfect. And it’s particularly suspicious when it is the only review or if it was posted right after some negative feedback. It can hurt your sales rather than help them.

So what can you do?

Encourage your fans to review instead. Post on your social networks and ask people to help out. You can also send a follow-up email a few weeks after a purchase is made directing them to the review section of the site.

Let bloggers give it a try

If you really stand by your product, consider giving away a few free samples to bloggers and request that they post their thoughts on your site, Amazon, or wherever.

If you feel the need to correct an error

And it should be an actual factual error, not just an opinion you disagree with — consider posting a “reply” review where you directly acknowledge that you are a representative from the company.

What if a competitor posts negative reviews?

Often your customers will see right through it. Typically these reviews simply state things like “Beware,” or “This sucks.” On some sites, you can also ask that these types of reviews are removed. Either way, if you have done a good job at encouraging real customers to post their thoughts, people will overlook these unhelpful comments and focus in on actual real criticism and praise for the product.

Listen to the feedback

Remember, reviews aren’t just helpful to your customers. They are helpful to you as well. If you notice that many people are frustrated with a particular feature of your product, consider making a change. And of course, if you’re getting praise for something, keep doing it and maybe highlight it more in your marketing. Reading reviews can be a great way to improve your product in order to get more positive feedback in the future.