Webcams and Time Lapse Videos

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We’ve all seen those cool videos where you see a flower bloom in two minutes, a days worth of clouds pass by in thirty seconds, or a new high-rise “grow” from start to finish in a minute and a half in a time lapse video.  How are these made?  Assuming good weather, it’s possible to put up a camera outside to take pictures every couple of minutes.  With several year long projects, such as construction sites, where cameras are mounted high off the ground, weather is changing, etc. more commercial-grade construction cameras and wireless outdoor cameras are used.

webcams1The pictures themselves are then archived until they are needed on web hosting account.  Another application of webcams is that they’re a great marketing tool.  For new buildings, they let out of state donors see the live construction of their building.  For public places, such as concerts or carnivals, they’re quick to setup and allow showing activity and weather on a website to people who are thinking about coming out.