Web Designing Trends for 2011

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Web Designing Trends for 2011There have been many changes over the past few years in web design area. Though 2011 isn’t over yet, but web designing trends have shown inspirational drifts, and thus are worth a mention. If I have to summarize the designing trends of 2011 in one word, that word would be flexibility.

With the changing trends, you can access your favorite websites from laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other devices. Flexibility is the name of the game. Apart from that, here are some latest trends in terms of web designing:

3D: These days, everything is 3D, and web designing is not far from it either. 3D helps the designer to create a depth effect that makes the user think that some parts of the website are actually out of the screen, while some are deep inside at some distance. This can be a catchy part of your website.

  • One page: The latest trends promote the creation of just one page websites that have everything on a single page. It saves a lot of money, and is best for personal websites.
  • Simplicity: If you have something that is worth reading, you don’t need all the fancy schmancy stuff to make it visible. Oh but simple does not mean boring. Manage the color scheme and visuals in such a way that is simple and enticing.
  • Footer size: If big clown shoes amuse you, you’ll understand the worth of big footers. Big footers are in these days, and a lot of information can be compacted in big boots.
  • Typography: If you don’t pay attention to the typography of your website, then you aren’t a good designer. Plus with the rising typography trend, it has become all the more popular. Make sure the font styles and font sizes are consistent with the website design.
  • Header size: When I mentioned footer size, I didn’t forget the header. Since the header is the most visible section of your website, it draws a lot of attention to itself. If the header is large and attractive, it will catch the users’ attention.
  • Back to monochrome: Have you noticed black and white icons in some websites? This is another growing trend. Instead of full and bright colors, designers are going for something more simple yet attractive- black and white icons. They sure look different and classy- try them.
  • Social media buttons: A guy’s got to be blind not to notice them. They are in all the websites. If you want your website to be popular on all social media channels, make sure you include the relevant buttons. Most prominent ones are Facebook, Twitter, Plus one, Digg, StumbleUpon etc.
  • Interactive design: No more static websites. Ok so this trend is not new, but we can still see a LOT of static sites on the web. If you are designing a website, make it interactive.
  • HTML5 and CSS3: They let designing become easier. Plus social media linking gets simpler.