Web 2.0 Discussion Forum Where You Don’t Have to Register

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Andrew’s got a good point in the previous blog. I’ve always hated registering on sites when I need to get some quick info. There’s another good site by the way in case you don’t find the login you need on bugmenot.com – mailinator.com, which lets you enter an @mailinator.com e-mail address on any website, then mailinator.com automatically creates a mailbox that you can check as soon as it receives an e-mail, that way you can register without giving out your personal e-mail address.

There are others definitely who don’t like registering to post, for example as a Web 2.0 Development project we built a Discussion Forum for an Intechnic client, MindsUnite.com, whose motto currently is “Debate, Discuss, Argue on this Simple General Discussion Forum Without Joining”. It was refreshing to see a site that is in the spirit of forums where you don’t have to register to post. Another site that’s open to anyone who wants to post is Slashdot.org. That way if you want to register, you can develop a personality on the site, and if you don’t, you can still read topics, questions, and posts and add what you want to say. And if you’re concerned with spam, there’s no need to be, because it’s dealt with using a captcha image (security code) feature.