Web 2.0 Development: E-commerce 2.0

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All E-commerce store owners know that a lot of customers abandon their shopping carts, the percentage is something around three-quarters.  Part of it is just the way the web works, but the same thing happens with brick and mortar stores… most people who go in them don’t buy anything, someone may pick something up, try it on, and put it back, in other words “abandoning” their shopping cart.

So how do we increase the chance that someone won’t ditch their cart on your site?  To start, it often happens because the person is shopping around on various sites for the same product, finding site after site basically similar, and moving quickly from one to the other.  With web 2.0 development you differentiate your e-commerce site with interactive elements tailored to the products you’re selling.  For example, on a lot of sites, it doesn’t matter what’s being sold, the process is the same – see the product, read the details, click add to cart.  But, let’s say a person sees 5 sites like that and then gets to yours where they are able to read reviews, see ratings, and are guided by a sleek questionnaire you’ve setup for the product they are looking for, turns out to be a different story.