Web 2.0 Development Definition

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So if you’ve been following our blog, you obviously noticed Gene and I have gotten on the topic of web 2.0 development, but you’ve also noticed that we’ve been talking about features often found in web 2.0 development, specifically things like multi-lingual support, shipping API integration, and Flash programming, and the most popularly associated feature of web 2.0 – social networking in websites, versus what web 2.0 development is, e.g. the definition of the term.   So I checked a couple sources to refresh my memory about what I knew before about the term, specifically the O’Reilly media website (the publisher that publishes a lot of programming books and was part of the conference where the term was coined) and the Economist online magazine, so here goes…

First, the term web 2.0 was meant to bring to mind the image of software and the image of a new version, something definitely needed to motivate developers after the dot com crash. But unlike with software, where a new version is a specific release of new features/design/bug fixes (e.g. Outlook 2007), with web 2.0 development the most interesting thing has been the move from static sites and computer software that you install, to developing those applications to run online. So most specifically, web 2.0 is dealing with online, collaborative, useful and intuitive web applications. The vision is what Intechnic is trying accomplish with its business automation systems – applications that companies and their teams can login to from anywhere and use to manage their business processes, automate tasks, keep track of information, and communicate – a perfect example of which being the manufacturing automation system.