Web 2.0 Development Contact Forms

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In interactive web 2.0 development websites one of the most important ways customers can interact with websites is through submitting their contact information through a contact form.  It’s one of the greatest tools for a company because it shows a potential customer browsed the site, is interested in what the company has to offer, and wants to talk.  As a result it’s important to keep the contact form simple.  Too many fields, especially with things like a mailing address (especially when it’s required) discourage visitors from submitting their information because 1. it takes too much time and 2. it’s too personal.

Simple White Paper Request Form:


Intechnic’s own Contact Form:


We’ve found that simple contact forms asking for max a name, e-mail, company name, phone and brief message work best because they’re quick to fill out and give a simple starting point for a conversation.  There have been lots of studies comparing short and long contact forms and why simple is better, bottom line is you don’t want barriers to your customers contacting you!