Web 2.0 Development: Call to Action Buttons

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Websites that are interactive, social, and designed with user activity in mind play a big part in web 2.0 development.  How do you generate that activity or how do you even show users what you want them to do?  One way is with “call to action” buttons.  Rather than just present information, a web 2.0 site has information about the company, organization, or cause, along with a way for a user take action.

With “call to action” buttons there are a lot of articles/tutorials with examples and ideas to help people get started, in the end you have to be a good designer with an eye for creating them.  For example, we’re currently working on a website design where it was important to have a brief overview about the company along with a “call to action” button for the user to fill out a free application.  Here’s the button from the header itself…