Web 2.0 Development: Auction Management

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With web 2.0 development and e-commerce functionality more and more is becoming possible in automating the auction management process for high volume sellers with eBay API integration.  With enhancements to scheduling rules, users can use advanced inventory listing processes such as staggering their listings and updating price, shipping, and listing enhancements automatically when an item is relisted, simply by setting it once and having it apply to thousands of items.  Essentially, a process that can require hundreds of clicks and screens of entering information on eBay, can be automated to the point where it only requires several clicks for initial setup, freeing up the sellers’ time.

Integrate using shipping API integration and make it possible to automatically receive a shipping label from your shipping carrier with you customers’ address already on it, letting you simply put the label on the box and move on to making your business more efficient.  As a result, you’re free to spend more time finding products that sell, and less time managing the details.