Video Blogging- The Next Wave of Communication

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Want to spread your wisdom to everyone on the Web? Want to keep in touch with friends and family? Or do you just want to have your very own TV show? Vlogging, or video blogging, can be the way to do it. This is a social, personal or professional broadcasting opportunity and is the latest in online interactive community.

To get started you need only a spark of an idea or a bit of curiosity. Talk about yourself, put it on the Web and join the revolution.

You don’t need a lot to get started. You can use a video camera or a digital camera with movie taking capabilities, an iPhone or an iPad, or you can use your Mac’s built-in iSight video camera. Edit the captured video in iMovie and you’re ready to go. iMovie is Apple’s popular video-editing application, and it runs on the Mac, iPad and iPhone alike.

Your video doesn’t need to be fancy with advertising, a script or a field reporter. It can be more of a home video style with you sitting in your pajamas and eating a bowl of cereal. People want to voyeuristically peek at the intimate details of other people’s lives. Why venture out into the real world when you can broadcast yourself virtually for all the world to see?

Apple’s own iWeb, part of its iLife software suite included with every Mac, with its smooth integration with iMovie, makes it easy to incorporate videos into a website or blog.

Here are some other suggested resources to help you get started with your vlogging career: is one of the Internet’s leading free blogging tools. You have complete control over the design of your blog. Anyone can view your blog without needing to register.


WordPress is the professional online blogging software with more advanced-level, professional-grade features than blogger. It allows you to label your posts with categories, making it easier for visitors to drill down on a specific subject. It also has advantages for the more technically oriented, with XHTML, CSS and PHP support for greater customization and creativity. The self-hosted variety of WordPress requires space for a mySQL database on a server. is a discussion group with tools and tutorials.


Feedburner (now part of Google) provides media distribution for blogs and RSS feeds, and helps bloggers and podcasters deliver, promote, and profit from their content. offers free tutorials to help you get your technical skills together and join the community of vloggers. It also offers distribution and interaction, monetization, FTP support and a Dashboard that shows you which videos are of most interest to your audience. Browse its hundreds of channels for an idea of what’s available in the Vlogosphere.

The idea is to give consumers easier ways to edit their videos as well as to share them with others. That can only expand the video blogging market farther than ever before.

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