Using the eBay API to Manage Inventory

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PowerSellers know that having out of sync inventory is a hassle.  When you’re selling a limited amount of the same item on both your online store and eBay (not to mention, brick-and-mortor store, and other channels) things tend to sell in one place, but quantities have to constantly be updated manually elsewhere.  This results in selling items that are out of stock and having to refund purchases, sometimes leading to fees that could have been avoided and negative feedback ratings.  Using the eBay API it’s possible to synchronize inventory between a website, eBay, and other channels.

Inventory management however is only the beginning.  A system fully utilizing eBay API Integration can be used to completely manage several online channels from one place.  One product catalog contains all products being sold, one list of orders contains orders from both the website and eBay and so on.  The key to being a high volume seller on the world’s largest marketplace is staying organized because organization leads to happy customers whose products are always available when they need them, who have all their questions answered, and who leave great feedback!