Twitter Reset Password E-mail – Coincidence or Plagiarism?

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I have recently reset my password on Twitter and was very surprised when I received the following “reset password” e-mail.

“Can’t remember your password, huh? It happens to the best of us… This will reset your password. You can then login and change it to something you’ll remember”

The interesting thing is that we’ve been using a very similar humorous message on our websites for about four years, way before Twitter has even existed. Here is ours for comparison:

“Lost your password? Don’t worry; this happens to the best of us!…Your password has been reset. If you don’t think you will remember it, you may want to change it right away.”

I wonder if this is just a coincidence. One of our latest web 2.0 sites where this message is used is a Job Board – – where you get paid to post resumes. The whole site is done with humorous messages so this password reset message fits perfectly.