Tool to Help Get People to Sign Up On Your Website

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So you’ve built a great new social networking website or forum, how do you make it popular?  According to six degrees of separation, we all know each other through a friend of a friend, up to a maximum of six friends.  How many times have we all run into or heard about someone and thought, “small world”?  I’m sure a lot of people have even seen those Facebook groups with over a million members…some even with no other topic than “let’s see how many members we can get”.  Ok, so it’s not completely scientific evidence, but the numbers can get truly huge.  That’s why one of the best ways to get people to your website is to invite friends, then let them invite their friends, and so on.  We’ve made this super easy by making available a web 2.0 development tool for websites that allows your users to invite friends from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail and many other popular websites.