To Frame or Not to Frame? The Benefits of Creating a Wireframe for Your Website

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Website creation is a science, although not exact one, and very subjective. But using the right tools and taking appropriate steps will help take you to the peak of your sites goal.

Should you design wire frames or not? The answer is always YES!

There are unbeatable “4C” benefits behind wire frames:

Cost.  It saves you a lot of money if you align the site/page structure first.  It is much easier to make adjustment to the wireframe vs. on design comp.

Call to Action. This is one of the key elements on a home page that you don’t want visitors to miss.  Since your eyes are not distracted by colors, you have greater visibility and best real estate for it.

Clarity. It gives you and your client transparent visibility of every element needed on each page. Approved wireframes serve as comps for your design sketches.

Creativity. Having a structure gives your designer a clear understanding of where he can go out of the box, and where he can’t. It basically structures the creative vision of the page.

Now you know why, and here is HOW

1. Select a tool for creating your wireframe:; or for Mac

2. Watch video tutorials; talk to community members online:

3. Determine all webpage elements

4. Prioritize elements: Know what will go above the fold and what goes under.    Highlight Call to Action and place it either on a top right side or right in the middle. (There are always new researches available on how human eye scans the page. Make it a rule to check on it periodically)

5. Lay out the rest of the elements based on the level of priority and emotional impact.

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