Tips to Make Autoresponders Increase your Blog Income

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Many marketing gurus proclaim that you must have an autoresponder. They all say that we ‘need’ autoresponders, but they don’t seem to make it clear how we can use them, particularly in the context of blogging.

So I have come up with some tips to make an autoresponder help you with your blogging work. Some of these tips have been used by me, while others come from fellow bloggers’ experiences. You can use these tips as they are, or combine them to form more effective solutions. Here they come:

1. Mini course for free

Write mails in such a way that they create a sequence of some teaching course related to your niche. I tried this myself, and created a sequence of 26 mails that helped people through designing problems. Later I combined those mails and created an ebook that I distributed for free. I sent an email each day to readers, and that email had some teaching and a little task in the end. Though it later evolved into an ebook (by adding extra content), the email series were a hit among readers.

2. Paid product or course

Many bloggers set up autoresponders that act as the central part of their paid products, services or courses. One example of this is the 365 part autoresponder built by Chris Guillebeau. He wrote 365 mails with a lesson or a tip in each one. Sure it was a huge program and took a lot of work, but it turned out to be extremely successful.

3. Take them to your archives

One problem that most bloggers face is that new readers don’t visit the old posts that are sitting comfortably in your archives. So the old posts are good as dead. Bring them back to life by collecting the best ones in autoresponder sequences. You can try sending one good post per week. When you do so, you drive your readers to your archives, and new readers can know about your archives and good posts there.

Another option is to compile mails on a specific theme. For example, if you have a humor blog autoresponder, you can send one email in a month that lists the 10 best cartoon posts of all times. Next month you can send an email about 10 best sports jokes. It invokes the interest of readers and they want to dig deep into your blog.

4. Affiliate promotion

Do you have a product related to your niche that you recommend to your readers, that has an affiliate program linked to it? You can add the affiliate promotion to the autoresponder sequence. I have tried this tip and driven thousands of dollars in sales.

5. Relaunch everyday

If you have a product like an ebook that has been launched already, you should build a mini promotion campaign about it. Give discount after a few days (about a week) to new subscribers of your email list. This trick will get you sales almost every day.